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Candidates: Send your resume to our recruiters if you don't see position you like below (we only post a very small amount of positions we are working on for our clients)

Every client of ours in CT pays less than 20% in fees and gets more than 90 day guarantees on candidates placed. Customized plans for each company.

Contact us to save - and Contract Staffing Recruiters - The best way to hire in Connecticut.

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Tired of Getting Ripped off by staffing agency fees? Tired of Staffing Agency Recruiters laughing at ripping you and your company off?

20% to 30% Fees and ONLY 90 Day Guarantees. Crazy to Pay those fees in CT.

Tired of Getting 100's of junk resumes from job boards that waste your time?

Welcome to and Contract Staffing Recruiters

1.) We fill one position for you and your company and charge 10% of candidate's salary when position is filled. Contingency(invoice is sent when candidate starts your position) - 4 month guarantee on candidate(s) placed.


2.) If you have 5 or more positions to fill. We can do contract recruiting at 50/hr to start. No invoice is sent until we fill one position...we usually fill at least one position within the first week of working together (or at the very least a candidate is identified you want to make offer to)

3.) If you feel better getting ripped off at 20% or more in fees, we will charge 20% or more if that makes you feel like you are getting a better candidate. (don't laugh, some employers actually feel that way)


After we fill your initial position(s), we can sit down together and make a recruiting plan that best fits your company and budget.

All our clients get the best talent with great guarantees and will never have to pay 20% or more in fees again!

Contact - Mike Toohey to learn more - 203-315-1197

We do above to get to know new clients. (Plus, it really makes staffing agencies angry and we love it!) Times change and we are signing up new clients every week that are tired of getting ripped off by 20% or more in fees from staffing agencies. We like to be partners and friends with our clients. Not adversaries.

You would think that with all the job boards, Linkedin, Indeed and ATS...hiring would get easier. Nope, just the opposite. Why? Many employers forget they still have to sell their company to candidates. Many think that by posting their jobs, the candidates/employees will come running to them. Not the case at all as I am sure you know if you are reading this.

That is where we come in for our clients. SELL is the four letter word no one likes until not doing it hurts your company! SELL, SELL, SELL ALL THE TIME. First, we have to get you the right candidate and then sell them why to work for you and your company. It is a process few do well - We do it very well for our clients.