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Date Job Title City Pay Options
Apr 11 UI Developer
UI Developer
Westport, CT 83000.00 Per Year
Apr 4 Sales Manager
Sales Manager
Fairfield, CT Not Specified
Apr 4 Sr. Sales Rep
Sr. Sales Rep
Wallingford, CT 100000.00 Per Year
Apr 1 Java Developer
Java Developer
New Haven 105000.00 Per Year
Mar 31 Unix Admin
Stamford 100000.00 Per Year
Mar 28 C# Developer
C# Developer
Middlebury 115000.00 Per Year
Feb 25 QA Engineer
QA Engineer
New Haven 65000.00 Per Year
Feb 5 Admin Assistants
Admin Assistants
Fairfield, CT 55000.00 Per Year
Feb 3 Die Designer
Die Designer
Manchester Not Specified
Jan 31 SAS - Quantitive Analyst
SAS - Quantitive Analyst
Norwalk 85000.00 Per Year