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Why do some employers waste their money on Crazy High Staffing Agency Fees of 20% or more and only 90 Day Guarantees?

Who cares - if those employers want to waste their money - let long as you are saving with us - - Disrupting the Recruiting Industry for over 10 years. - The best way to hire in Connecticut.

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Contract Staffing Recruiters


Date Job Title City Pay Options
Jul 7 Inventor Designer/Modeler
Inventor Designer/Modeler
Bloomfield, CT Not Specified
Jul 7 IT Desktop Manager
IT Desktop Manager
Jersey City 150000.00 Per Year
Jul 7 Internal Auditor
Internal Auditor
Jersey City 150000.00 Per Year
Jun 26 HVAC Technician
HVAC Technician
Guilford, CT Not Specified
Jun 26 Sales Application Engineer
Sales Application Engineer
Milford, cT Not Specified
Jun 23 C++ Developer - Wall Street
C++ Developer - Wall Street
Jersey City 85000.00 Per Year
Jun 21 Recruiter
Bloomfield, Not Specified
Jun 21 Bookkeeper
Stamford, CT Not Specified
Jun 21 Controller
Stamford, CT Not Specified
Jun 15 Internal Auditor
Internal Auditor
New York 125000.00 Per Year