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Employers: Tired of Getting Ripped off by Staffing Agency fees of 20% or more? Those are absurd fees!

Tired of getting 100's of junk resumes from job ads? What's up with bookkeepers applying for your CFO role? and - The Most Cost Efficient way to HIRE. - As well...and more locations coming down South

Permanent and Temporary Careers

We are a Full Service Staffing Agency that works with our clients to FILL their positions for less.

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PLEASE send resume in before calling. We WILL NOT divulge any client/position information without your resume.

Contract Recruiter

You will be required to work on-site Monday thru Friday

You must be able to fill all the positions yourself. (client will not allow you to call anything out to Agencies) - What is the point of having a contract recruiter if you call everything out to Staffing Agencies? - This should be your philosophy as well for the client. (we can and will back you up from our offices to find talent for our client as well - we do this for all of our contract recruiters that work for us at our clients - this makes you successful as well as us.)

Position req load will be to a max of 45 positions ranging from Accountants to Engineers. Salary ranges from 30K to 150K plus. You must be able to handle the variety of positions and levels.

Hourly rate to you depends on your experience and what you bring to the table.

Must be able to deal well with line managers.

If you are interested in learning more about these roles, please send resume to:

Mike Toohey
Company Name:
Contract Staffing Recruiters
Approximate Salary:
45.00 Per Hour
New Haven, CT, Connecticut
United States
Human Resources
Position type:
Experience level:
2 - 5 years
Education level:
Some College Coursework