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Candidates: Send your resume to our recruiters if you don't see position you like below (we only post a very small amount of positions we are working on for our clients) - When you and your company are Tired of Getting Ripped off by Staffing Agency Fees of 20% or more and only 90 day Guarantees.

Tired of 100's of junk resumes from Job Board Ads that waste your time?

Pricing for Employers:

1.) New Client - 1st Position is done at 10% Contingency with 1 year guarantee.

(after we fill your position, we will sit down together and discuss a recruiting plan that best fits both organizations)

2.) 5k per position with 4 month guarantee. This Recruiting Model requires a retainer and employers must have a set minimum number of positions filled per quarter/year. (Call to learn more)

3.) 20% Fee and 90 Day Guarantee. We never would rip off our clients with such a high fee in CT. Connecticut is not New York or Boston. If you want that, please contact another recruiting agency that does not mind ripping you and your company off.

Contact Mike Toohey - 203-315-1197 to learn more.