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Employers: Tired of Getting Ripped off by Staffing Agency fees of 20% or more? Those are absurd fees!

Tired of getting 100's of junk resumes from job ads? What's up with bookkeepers applying for your CFO role?

Permanent and Temporary Careers

We are a Full Service Staffing Agency that works with our clients to FILL their positions for less.

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PLEASE send resume in before calling. We WILL NOT divulge any client/position information without your resume.


Tired of getting ripped off by Staffing Agencies? 20% to 25% Fees and only 90 Day guarantees? Outrageous!

It's 2018 not 1998! You don't have to get ripped off by staffing agencies!

Tired of job board ads that waste your time with 100's of garbage resumes? What's up with all the people that apply and waste your time?

Contact me if you would like to see how we can find great talent for you and your company and save your company a fortune in fees.

We have worked with/for employers such as GE, Pitney Bowes, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Mossberg, Colt, Fidessa, UTC,, Bristol Hospital,, Boston General, Coca-Cola, Pfizer, NYU, Johnson & Johnson and 100's of small to medium sized employers in CT, MA, RI, VT, NH, NY, NJ, DC, VA, NC, FL, CA and Texas.

We can help you find great talent for less. Permanent and Temporary.

We fill every position in every field and salary range. We continue to grow and are rewarding our loyal clients with low rates and long guarantees on candidates...New Pricing Policy from now on for New Clients. First 2 Positions for New Client(s) are done at 10% with 1 year guarantee. After we fill 2 positions, then client has a choice to stay with our low fees and long guarantees for small retainer (like most of our clients) or rates will rise to 20% fees with only 90 day guarantees (like other staffing agencies charge - which I think is crazy but can't keep filling positions for low fees for clients not on retainer) - Most of our clients are now on retainer.

If you are tired of getting ripped off by staffing recruiters and tired of job ads that bring in every bonehead in the world...Contact us

Thank you,

Mike Toohey



Here is what I live by -


AS MY GRANDFATHER USED TO TELL ME - "No one wants to hear your problems for they have their own...Always say good when someone asks you how you are doing for they don't want to hear your problems...they have their own"

And that is up, work hard and take care of business no matter what is going on in your life. Do your job and don't worry about anything else and good things will happen to you!!!

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