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Why do some employers waste their money on Crazy High Staffing Agency Fees of 20% or more and only 90 Day Guarantees?

Who cares - if those employers want to waste their money - let long as you are saving with us - - Disrupting the Recruiting Industry for over 10 years. - The best way to hire in Connecticut.

Permanent and Temporary Careers

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Tired of Getting Ripped off by staffing agency fees?

Were you thinking this last time you used a staffing agency? "Why did we pay a 20% fee for Bob in Accounting?"

Enough of the crazy fees, we could have bought a new car for that fee!!!

Tired of Staffing Agency Recruiters laughing at ripping you and your company off?

20% to 30% Fees and ONLY 90 Day Guarantees. Crazy to Pay those fees in CT. CT is not New York City or don't pay those type of fees in CT

Tired of Getting 100's of junk resumes from job boards that waste your time? Getting resumes from Vermont for your CT positions? Getting Tech Support guys for your C# Developer roles?

Welcome to and Contract Staffing Recruiters

1.) We fill one position for you and your company and charge 10% of candidate's salary when position is filled. Contingency(invoice is sent when candidate starts your position) - 1 year guarantee on candidate(s) placed (office setting, etc).

(Manufacturing (CNC, etc), Construction, Restaurants, Production - get 4 months guarantee on average) - We work with our clients so that we are both happy with arrangement.


2.) If you have 5 or more positions to fill. We can do contract recruiting at 40/hr to start. No invoice is sent until we fill one position...we usually fill at least one position within the first week of working together (or at the very least a candidate is identified you want to make offer to)


After we fill your initial position(s), we can sit down together and make a recruiting plan that best fits your company and budget.

All our clients get the best talent with great guarantees

Contact - Mike Toohey to learn more - 203-315-1197

One of the best things in my life happened when I worked at GE. That company taught me to always strive to be the best and never, NEVER pay outrageous fees for anything. Just like life, the people that have money, tend not to waste it and the people with no money, waste it...same with employers...I have seen many employers waste their money on crazy staffing agency fees for "that's how we have always done it" can see that they just don't care about their company and that is very sad. That is why we started - to get the best talent for employers for a reasonable fee and build a relationship with them.

We do above to get to know new clients. Times change and we are signing up new clients every week that were tired of getting ripped off by 20% or more in fees from staffing agencies. We like to be partners and friends with our clients. Not adversaries.

Let's face it...hiring good people is very tough however you don't have to get ripped off by staffing agency crazy high fees and deal with crazy people that apply that think they can do your position.

Contact us to make your life easier - that is what we do for our clients.