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Physical Therapist - Full Time Permanent position

Physical Therapist - Full Time Permanent position

Gathers pertinent information from the medical record, i.e., diagnosis, history, nature of referral prior to examining the patient.

• Approximately utilizes testing procedures, observation, interview techniques, formal and informal evaluation tools to assess patient status.

• Identifies patient problem areas in preparation for establishing treatment goals and plans. • Completes initial evaluation within 24 hours of referral. • Documents evaluation findings on Physical Medicine Evaluation Sheet.

• Establishes realistic objectives and measurable goals aimed at patient improvement. Plans treatment program based on evaluation findings. • Demonstrates clear understanding of indications/contraindications for each modality and treatment technique.

• Designs treatment program in collaboration with physician, allied health team, patient and family. • Establishes a treatment program which includes activities aimed at efficient progression toward goal attainment. • Documents individualized and current treatment plans, short and long term goals.

Administers treatment program in accordance with accepted standards of care and current knowledge.

• Administers treatment program upon receiving written physician orders. • Schedules patient for treatment session coordinating treatment times with team members.

• Reviews medical record prior to each treatment session to ascertain current patient status.

• Utilizes appropriate skills and techniques in the delivery of patient care based on scientific facts and accepted rehabilitation therapy. • Adheres to department protocols for specific patient populations (e.g. amputees, cardiac patients, total joint replacements, etc.).

• Complies with department and hospital safety practices in maintaining a safe treatment environment.

• Demonstrates safe and appropriate utilization of support personnel in the implementation of patient care programs. • Utilizes treatment time effectively, allowing for multiple simultaneous treatment programs when necessary, and equal distribution of work load.

• Assists patient through appropriate movement, giving support and encouragement as required.

Monitors results of treatment and alters program as necessary. • Observes patient for any adverse reaction to treatment, documenting significant changes in patient status and notifying appropriate personnel.

• Consistently evaluates outcome of care rendered and patient response to treatment.

• Periodically re-evaluates patient to ensure attainment of goals. Standards: Inpatients to be re-evaluated every five to seven days; outpatients every two weeks.

• Alters treatment goals and programs as appropriate to meet changing needs of patients.

If you are interested in learning more about these roles, please send resume to:

Mike Toohey
Company Name:
Contract Staffing Recruiters
Approximate Salary:
40.00 Per Hour
New Britain, CT, ct
Position type:
Full Time
Experience level:
2 - 5 years
Education level:
Bachelor's Degree