Employment Pricing

Pricing Plans for Employers

Individual Job Posting Plans
New Client - Fill Any Position - With Guarantee $7,500.00
New Client - Fill Any Position - With 90 Day Guarantee
$7,500.00 Total Price per position (ask us about volume discounts)
90 Day Guarantee on candidate
ContractStaffingRecruiters.com and CareersInConnecticut.com team up to fill employers positions for less.
Contact us for more information:
We accept all major credit cards
25% Contingency Fee - 90 Day Guarantee $0.00
25% Contingency Fee - 90 Day Guarantee
We work with many large employers that have standard contract for vendors with 25% Fees.
We work on Retainer, New Clients and onsite client positions first and then will work on 25% fee roles. 
Contract Recruiter (On Site At Employer - Off Site at Our Office) $75.00
Current or New Client
Contract Recruiter Model or RPO (Recruiting Process Outsourcing) 
If you have 15 or more positions to fill, our Contract Recruiter Model or RPO is useful in filling all your positions in a timely and cost effective manner.
We have worked with all ATS (Taleo, Kenexa, etc)
Client must have a least 15 positions to work on...Contract is for at least 3 Months.  
75/hr Minimum to start.  (Guaranteed Hires or No Invoice)
Current Clients - Fill Any Position - Under 99k - Initial Fee $0.00
Current Client - Fill Any Position - Under 99k Salary.  Over 100k as well - Contact your recruiter for more details.
Please contact your recruiter to fill your positions.   You most likely have a contract with us on file. 
Retainer is Transferable to other Positions
ContractStaffingRecruiters will then work with New Clients to Recruit Candidates for open position(s) that understand company/position. Candidates will be sent to client within 3 business days for review/interview/hire.
We do all the work and supply you with pre-qualified candidates that you want to interview and hire.

Temporary/Consulting Positions $0.00
Temporary/Consulting Positions 
We fill Temporary/Consulting Positions for our clients in all fields.
From 15/hr 125/hr.
Contact us for more information
Current clients...just contact your ContractStaffingRecruiters Recruiter to fill your temp/consulting positions

Pricing Plans for Job Seekers