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Individual Job Posting Plans
New Client - Fill Any Position - With Guarantee $2,000.00
New Employer Client ONLY - Fill Any Position  
$2k Down Payment with remainder (4k) due when we fill your position 
$6k Total Fee - Any Position. Any Salary. Any Industry
60 Day Guarantee on candidate placed
Within 5 Business Days you will have candidates to review/interview/hire.
Exclusive Recruiting  
ContractStaffingRecruiters.com and CareersInConnecticut.com team up to fill employers positions for less.
Contact us for more information:
We accept all major credit cards 
20% Contingency Fee - 90 Day Guarantee $0.00
20% Contingency Fee - 90 Day Guarantee
20% FEES are Crazy to pay but if you don't care about your company/employers money - we will take it! 
We work with many employers that have standard contract for vendors with 20% Fees.
We work on New Clients, Retainer and onsite client positions first and then will work on 20% fee roles. 
Contract Recruiter (On Site At Employer - Off Site at Our Office) $50.00
Current or New Client
Contract Recruiter Model or RPO (Recruiting Process Outsourcing) 
If you have 5 or more positions to fill, our Contract Recruiter Model or RPO is useful in filling all your positions in a timely and cost effective manner.
We have worked with all ATS (Taleo, Kenexa, etc)
Client must have a least 5 positions to work on...Contract is for at least 1 Month.  
50/hr Minimum to start.  (Guaranteed Hires or No Invoice)
Current Clients - Fill Any Position - Under 99k - Initial Fee $0.00
Current Client - Fill Any Position - Under 99k Salary.  Over 100k as well - Contact your recruiter for more details.
Please contact your recruiter to fill your positions.   You most likely have a contract with us on file. 
Retainer is Transferable to other Positions
ContractStaffingRecruiters will then work with New Clients to Recruit Candidates for open position(s) that understand company/position. Candidates will be sent to client within 3 business days for review/interview/hire.
We do all the work and supply you with pre-qualified candidates that you want to interview and hire.

Temporary/Consulting Positions $0.00
Temporary/Consulting Positions 
We fill Temporary/Consulting Positions for our clients in all fields.
From 15/hr 125/hr.
Contact us for more information
Current clients...just email your recruiter to fill your temp/consulting position. 

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