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Pricing Plans for Employers

Individual Job Posting Plans
Current / Returning Employer - Position to be filled $5,999.00
5,999.00 - Per position Filled with 90 day guarantee.
Any Salary. Any Discipline. Any Field. 
New Client ONLY - 1 Job Posting - Guaranteed Hire $999.00
Post 1 Position - New Client ONLY  - 1 POSITION ONLY.
Posting anywhere is a gamble. We take the gamble out of posting. 
Post One Position for $999.00.
If you don't fill your position from posting.
We will fill your position for an additional 3k.
(we have never had to refund) 
Posting anywhere is a gamble.   We take the gamble out of posting.  You will get a HIRE!
Once we fill your position, we will sit down to discuss how we can fill all your positions so that you will never have to post jobs again anywhere else and NEVER have to get ripped off by Staffing Agency Fees of 20% or more - CRAZY to pay those fees!  
Contact us before you post so we can discuss your role you wish to fill.
Mike Toohey
Contract Recruiter (Off Site at Our Office) $60.00
Current or New Client
Contract Recruiter Model or RPO (Recruiting Process Outsourcing) 
If you have 15 or more positions to fill, our Contract Recruiter Model or RPO is useful in filling all your positions in a timely and cost effective manner.
We have worked with all ATS (Taleo, Kenexa, etc)
Client must have a least 15 positions to work on...Contract is for at least 6 Months.  
60/hr Minimum to start.  (Guaranteed Hires or No Invoice)
Temporary/Consulting Positions $0.00
Temporary/Consulting Positions 
We fill Temporary/Consulting Positions for our clients in all fields.
From 15/hr 125/hr.
Contact us for more information
Current clients...just contact your ContractStaffingRecruiters Recruiter to fill your temp/consulting positions

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