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Why do some employers waste their money on Crazy High Staffing Agency Fees of 20% or more and only 90 Day Guarantees?

Who cares - if those employers want to waste their money - let long as you are saving with us - - Disrupting the Recruiting Industry for over 10 years. - The best way to hire in Connecticut.

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Contract Staffing Recruiters


Date Job Title City Pay Options
Jun 6 CNC Programmer
CNC Programmer
Meriden, CT Not Specified
Jun 6 Project Financial Controller/Analyst
Project Financial Controller/Analyst
Bloomfield, CT 70000.00 Per Hour
Jun 6 CAD Systems Designer - Full Time Permanent position
CAD Systems Designer - Full Time Permanent position
New York Not Specified
Jun 6 CAD Designer
CAD Designer
Bloomfield, CT 45000.00 Per Year
Jun 6 Solid works/CAD Systems Designer
Solid works/CAD Systems Designer
Rocky Hill, CT 50000.00 Per Year
Jun 5 Director of Quality
Director of Quality
Keene 125000.00 Per Year
Jun 4 ASP.NET Programmer
ASP.NET Programmer
Milford, CT 95000.00 Per Year
Jun 2 Construction Attorney
Construction Attorney
Stamford, CT 135000.00 Per Year
Jun 2 Nurse
Stamford, CT 100000.00 Per Year
Jun 2 Payroll Supervisor
Payroll Supervisor
Fairfield 65000.00 Per Year